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Available exclusively from , these Silver Spring Rubber Solid Threshold Ramps are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty and best of all, shipping is absolutely free!

The dual elevation kit is the low elevation kit (0'~3500')usually with an additional high elevation/lower engagement primary spring.  When going from low elevation to high elevation, its as quick as changing out the low elevation primary spring and reducing the flyweight for the elevations mentioned on the supplied calibration sheet(s). 
Example; a 2009 summit that runs low elevation 200/350 with 20g in clicker 4.  To go to high elevation 3500~8000 feet then change to the 160/350 or 175/360(whichever supplied) and reduce the pinweight to , maintain clicker 4.  For higher than 8000 feet then go to and maintain clicker 4

XP QRS install videos at youtube part 1,2,3,4.
REV / MXZ primary clutch install video part 1,2 pertains to TRA-2 and TRA-3 primary

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